Wednesday, 10 April 2013

60 - Burb - Round 02

We rejoin the Burb family at family breakfast time.

Jennifer starts looking for work as John cleans the dishes away and Lucy gets ready for school.

Jennifer finds work at the local record store, on the condition she starts immediately.

Her first day and Jennifer already has an important work-related decision.

Which does not end well.

Jennifer takes out her frustrations on the dolls house they bought for Lucy.

But soon calms down and is back on the jobhunt within the hour.

She finds vacancies as a Social Worker, Dish Washer & Pickpocket

Amazingly her former employer has her old job advertised and Jennifer is rehired!

Author's Note; At this point my screen capture software fell over without warning nor indication and while appearing to capture screens as normal actually missed Jennifer being promoted then losing her job again after ANOTHER bad chance card.

Things then went from bad to worse as John slept all day when he was supposed to help Lucy catch up with her homework.

THEN Lucy ended up missing school when John slept in her bed and she refused to sleep anywhere else.

Poor Jennifer, who believed Lucy was at school, was then subjected to a lecture from the Social Worker who promptly marched upstairs, where Lucy had finally gone to sleep in her parents bed, and removed the child, still in her Pyjamas and took her away.


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