Wednesday, 27 March 2013

58 - Butler - Round 02

We re-join Gavin Butler as he tucks into last nights soup for breakfast.


And says hello to Dongsool Perry.

Before heading to work. Where he is promoted!

Says hello to passers by Charlie Tang, Andrew Martin, Ratna Jones & Dominic Asland.

Evening falls and Charlie complains about being hungry however it seems Gavin is only interested in Ratna.

Sadly he and Ratna don't seem to hit it off.

The following morning a desire to play a little bass is fulfilled.

Then to celebrate his day off , one day into his job, he decides to head Downtown. To the local Pool and Spa.

Meeting Chloe Shikibu for the first time, Gavin is completely smitten.

Back at home, Gavin is immediately on the phone, inviting Chloe round.

Initial greetings are full of promise.

Before long Gavin has invited Chloe to move in!

Chloe brings $17'000 with her. However in the excitement has become late for work as a Studio Musician.

Gavin gladly offers her his car as the round ends.


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