Wednesday, 20 March 2013

57 - Asland - Round 2

Round 2 begins with "Business Inspector" Weston Clifford writing up his report on the Asland Home Business.

Dominic meanwhile gets to schmoozing Jessica Peterson and Lola Curious-Smith.

Oliver comes home from work.

Just in time to see the business reach Rank 1!

Sophitia is not feeling so good and has gone to lie down as the business hits Rank 2!

The source of Sophitia's queasiness soon becomes clear...

Dominic has chosen to increase his Local Reputation and Influence.

Seconds before the business hits Rank 3!

Amar Stratton seems rather smitten with a pregnant Sophitia.

A mixture of Joy and seemingly despair meets the news that Sophitia has gone into labour.

 It's Twins!!

The proud parents welcome Padruig & Laoghaire into the world.

And Dominic chooses to increase his Reputation.

Thanks in large part to the cash rewards which come with increasing business popularity, the Asland Home Business is operating in the black (green).


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