Wednesday, 6 March 2013

55 - Introducing The Shema Household

Introducing the Shema Family. Nadim and wife Lee-Anne. Newest residents of Sim Heights.

They have recently purchased the spacious bungalow at 45 Woodland Drive, which with two bedrooms, should be ideal for the family they hope to raise.

A large kitchen/ diner, spacious lounge, bathroom, and two large bedromms comprise this single level bungalow.


Some internal remodelling has split the spare bedroom into two and the old wardrobe has gone in favour of a modern built in wardrobe.

Lee-Anne and Nadim have a pillow fight as Phil Haggerty delivers the newspaper.

Having brought the newspaper inside, Lee-Anne makes her anti-pollution views known through a cuddly toy she found in one of the bedrooms.

Aware that a family will require more than the remains of their savings can provide, Nadim looks through the Job section of the newspaper, finding vacancies for a Furniture Assembler.

With the local wrestling promotion as a Rigger.


Or as a Scout. Taking into account the higher rate of pay and hopeful of finding alternative employment before he becomes too heavily entrenched, Nadim opts for the Scout position.

Lee-Anne complains about the lack of a clear passageway, despite being the one who created the blockage.

Nadim makes lunch as Lee-Anne looks for work in the newspaper.

Lee-Anne finds only the same vacancies as Nadim and, using a similar thought process, also opts for the Scout position.

Lee-Anne, realising she'll need to boost her creativity to excel in her job, opts for a little painting.

Sarah Campbell, Tanya Nagy-Melykuti & Tim Stables arrive to welcome the Shemas to the neighbourhood.


Lee-Anne seems to be throuroughly enjoying the painting and Nadim watches Sarah go up the stairs...

Inside, Tanya tucks into the Lunch Meat Sandwiches, made by Nadim a little earlier.

Tim and Lee-Anne chat over a game of chess. Tim's topic of choice? Cosmetics.

Meanwhile Nadim works on his own creativity skills.


Sarah & Tanya get to know one another in the kitchen.


Tanya seems confused by the Computer.

Lee-Anne & Tim stop playing to grab some lunch as Tanya & Sarah chat on the Sofa.

And Nadim takes a bath.

Michelle Tse phones to offer Lee-Anne discounted homeware goods as Sarah looks on and Tanya gives the computer another try.

Michelle goes further and invites both Lee-Anne & Nadim Downtown. Even arranging for a taxi to pick them up.

Nadim misses the Taxi and Lee-Anne simply leaves him behind! Michelle takes Lee-Anne to the Crypt 'O Nite club and has brought along some other friends, Neil Stratton, Patrick Jakobsons & LaShawn Cameron.

Lee-Anne asks Cara Parker to seat the group so they can eat.

However, rather than show the group to their seats, Cara instead walks off and does a little shadow boxing...

The group are finally seated as Cara does a little more shadow boxing,

And stretches out her calf.

A disappointing evening ends when Lee-Anne finally has enough, invites everyone back to hers and calls a Taxi. Meanwhile, Michelle seems rather smitten with Patrick.


Lee-Anne returns home with her friends and heads straight for a Bubble Bath as Nadim prepares food for everyone.

Nadim's Mac & Cheese proves a bug success with most of the guests in the kitchen.

Only Tim, who's already eaten, Tanya, who's giving the Computer ANOTHER try and newly arrived Clarence Philippine are not eating.

A non-stop day has taken it out of Lee-Anne who makes her apologies and heads for bed.


Patrick & LaShawn quietly watch Lee-Anne sleep.

Nadim follows shortly after Lee-Anne. Leaving the guests to their own devices.

As is the way with such things, the Bedroom quickly becomes the social hub of the house.

With some of the guests gone, Lee-Anne's hunger gets the better of her and she wakes.

Her need for food overcoming her modesty she heads to the kitchen to make some food but finds there is no space to prepare her meal.

Having cleaned away all the dishes she can now prepare her own food.


Almost ready, still awake...


Poor Lee-Anne, she sits down to eat and promptly falls asleep in her Mac & Cheese. Goodnight Everybody.


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