Wednesday, 27 February 2013

54 - The Bachelor Household

Meet Michael Bachelor Jnr., newest resident of Sim Heights. He never knew his father but has decided to make a home in Sim Heights in his memory.

He signs to rent Boothbay Apartments #2 from Parker Goss.

Clockwise from Top-Left; Bathroom, Bedroom, Lounge, Kitchen/ Dining Area.

Michael makes and subsequently burns his breakfast.

Which still doesn't deter him from eating it.

He then spends the afternoon looking for work. His Lifetime want is to reach the top of the Law Enforcement career as Captain Hero.
Finding vacancies as Mail Carrier for the Sim City Post Office.

Male Maid in the Cleaning career.

Or, and the one Michael opts for, Headmaster of the local Private School.

Michael settles down to a little gaming.

Prepares himself Mac & Cheese for Dinner.

Then some more gaming.

Before bed.


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