Wednesday, 20 February 2013

53 - Introducing The Garvey Household

Introducing The Garvey Household. Chris Garvey & Tanya Nagy-Melykuti.

New owners of 40 Woodland Drive, Pleasantview, Sim Heights.

Basic but workable, from L to R, Kitchen/ Dining Area/ Lounge/ Hall, Bathroom, Bedroom.

Chris however has bigger ambitions, and after a $100'000 bank loan, purchases Sims Gone Wired, an Internet Cafe, with on-site food facilities and shop.

The first day of trading goes well and this looks like it could be a viable long-term business.

Mrs Crumplebottom meanwhile doesn't approve of Tanya's clothing.

Chris takes his turn at greeting Tish Barakat.

Tanya has a go herself, greeting Lisa Ramirez.

 With the day nearing its end, Chris has sent the staff home and handles the last of the duties himself.

Gaining Bill Ternynck's loyalty in the process.

Back at home, Tanya wants to start her own business. After some quick renovations, a basic home-shop is created and requires stock.

With some stock made for the shop, Chris makes some calls regarding a full-time Manager for Sims Gone Wired.

With Chris back in the workshop, Jill Howe, Patrick Barthelet & Shea Johnston have dropped in to welcome he and Tanya to the neighbourhood.

Looking for a second source of income while the businesses get off the ground, Chris looks for jobs online. Jet Mechanic is well paid but highly skilled and is not suitable.

Architecture is something which appeals.

Headmaster of the local Private School, not so much.

Social Worker equally so.

However a chance to follow his dream of working for WWE may eclipse even his plans for his Business.

Chris & Tanya celebrate an eventful day.


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