Thursday, 8 March 2012

51 - Introducing The Capp #3 Household

Introducing The Capp Household. L to R, Ariel, Miranda, Goneril, Hal, Albany & Desdemona.

Owners of 105 Custer Boulevard.

1st Floor.

Ground Floor.

1st Floor, post-renovation. The Bathroom has been extended and the two bedrooms have been combined into one large room for Albany & Goneril with a Crib for Ariel.

Ground Floor. The Kitchen has been converted into a Bedroom for Miranda.

Meanwhile the basement has been converted into a makeshift Bedroom for Desdemona & Hal.

And the Garage, converted into Kitchen/ Diner.

Desdemona & Miranda head to school, passing Dongsool Perry.

Albany has dug a hole in the garden and decides to try his luck at catching fish.

As Goneril teaches Ariel to walk.

Taking a break from fishing, Albany check for jobs in the local newspaper. He finds vacancies as an Aerobics Instructor.

As a Trekkie.

And as a Cement Mixer. None of this occupations appeal to Albany and he decides to try his luck again tomorrow.

Desdemona is home and entertains herself by jumping on her bed.

Goneril has taken a liking to houseguest Jay Leong.

Albany, seemingly completely uncaring has headed back out to try for more fish as midnight hits..


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