Tuesday, 6 March 2012

50 - Introducing The Kat Household

Introducing Tara Kat.

Owner of Cozy Kitten Condo, Strangetown, Sim Heights.

Kitchen, Bathroom, Tara's Bedroom, Lounge.

Samantha Kat starts her day by attacking the furniture.

Following her example, Mickey Kat goes for the Sofa.

Newest arrival, Faline Kat, takes the chance to have the bed all to himself.

Circe Beaker (not seen), Eliott Stargazer & Pascal Curious arrive to welcome Tara to the neighbourhood.

Pascal & Tara get on immediately.

Eliott, as always doesn't want to leave daughter Polly for long and has soon left again. Circe is left practicing Chess indoors as Pascal & Tara play catch outside.

Pascal and Tara are so engrossed in one anther, they fail to notice Circe is leaving. With Faline...

Left alone things quickly develop between Pascal & Tara.

 I wonder when Pascal intends to break the news he's already a mother to an alien baby?!

* Authors Note: Faline wandered home himself shortly after Circe Beaker left the lot.


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