Monday, 5 March 2012

49 - Introducing The Ottomas Household

Introducing The Ottomas Household, little Tommy, Peter's Mother Dora, Peter, Sharla, Samantha & David.

New owners of 130 Sim Lane, Pleasantview, Sim Heights.

1st Floor, unidentified Bedrooms and Bathrooms.

Ground Floor; Lounge, Kitchen some more unidentified Bedrooms.

Samantha has left for work, David & Sharla have left for school. Peter plays with Tommy as Dora explores the house.

Peter has $25 left for the family after buying Tommy's essentials.

Bella Goth, Mortimer Goth & Robert Kim have arrived to welcome the Ottomas' to the neighbourhood. Dora handles the hello's as Peter is late for work after playing with Tommy and can't stop.

David has just returned home.

With no one to look out for Tommy, he's playing with the Toilet bowl.

Despite just being home, David is away again for his job at the Record Store.

Samantha has returned from work and tries to pet a stray skunk with unfortunate consequences.

Undeterred, she tries again...

Thankfully things are going better for Peter.

And David.

A rather ripe Samantha makes Hamburgers for everyone.

Which the guests take back through to the lounge where an unofficial Video Game tournament is taking place. Dora returns home.

*Author's Note: What money the family has made so far, has gone on a TV, Video Game Console & Sofa.

Peter enjoys a bubble bath.

Unaware Samantha is unconscious in the Toilet downstairs.

Dora worries about the kids grades, playing so much Video Games.

Unfortunately no one seems interested in poor Tommy, who is left smelly and lying on the floor just feet away from the changing table and crib.

As Robert & Sharla try to work out how to use the Toilet with Samantha lying in the way. Dora can't hold it in any longer.

And heads straight back into the lounge to flirt with Mortimer.


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