Sunday, 4 March 2012

48 - Introducing The DeNostrodame Household

Introducing Christophe DeNostrodame. Brother of Danielle Steinbacher.

New owner of 36 Greaves Avenue, Downtown, Sim Heights.

Clockwise from top-right; Kitchen/ Lounge, as-yet unidentified room, Shower room, Christophe's Bedroom.

Christophe uses the newspaper to find a job. Finding vacancies as a Recruit.

Dung Gatherer.

 And as a Masseuse.

It's a no-brainer really, and Christophe takes the army vacancy.

Christophe greets Toby Siew.

And Lola Curious-Smith, Kurt Barlow & Stella Smith who have stopped by to welcome Christophe to the neighbourhood.

Christophe chats to Lola, and Toby chats with Stella as anti-social Kurt sits alone on the background.

Christophe gives Mac & Cheese a go as the guests talk among themselves.

Christophe's Mac & Cheese has failed.

Which doesn't stop Kurt from eating it.

Midnight is looming, the guests have left and Christophe goes to bed.

As Kurt looks on quietly...


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