Thursday, 1 March 2012

47 - Introducing The Smith Household

Introducing the Smith Household, Jenny Smith, Jill Smith, and 'Pollination Technician #9' Smith.

Owners of 101 Road To Nowhere, Strangetown, Sim Heights.

First Floor; 1. Spare Bedroom, 2. Upper Hallway, 3. Jill's Room, 4. Spare Bedroom (previously that of Johnny Smith who has now moved into his own house with wife, Stella), 5. Bathroom, 6. Spare Bedroom.

Ground Floor; 1. Library/ Games Room, 2. Lounge/ Dining Room, 3. Toilet, 4. Kitchen, 5. Jenny & PT's Bedroom, 6. En-Suite Bathroom.

Jill gets to grips with the games console Johnny left behind for her.

Before jumping on the bed.

PT's sole desire is to have as many children as possible, however with the newly introduced Tax which requires a $10'000 payment per new family member, he also knows his savings of $6000 won't stretch far.

Looking through the newspaper he finds vacancies for a Record Store Clerk.

A Paintball Attendant.

Or as a Product Demonstrator.

None of those jobs pay anything close to the kind of funds required, luckily though, he notices that Sim Heights orphanage has an advert looking for foster parents. This is one way to increase his family, he already has 7 children, and also means he doesn't have to pay the $10'000 Tax.

First though, PT has visitors to attend to.

Jill quickly makes the bed.

 Before undoing her good work as PT welcomes the guests.

Immediately after being greeted, Olive Specter left...

Jenny has returned from work, bringing Samantha Cordial with her.

There's just something unwholesome about this picture as Jill discusses prison with Ripp Grunt and her friend Merlin Hiatt harbours thoughts of Tank Grunt.

 Ripp watches Tank dance (to no music) as Jill & Merlin chat on the sofa.


PT serves hamburgers to his guests.

And joins Jill, Ripp & Samantha at the table.

Before washing the dishes.

PT has talked things over with Jenny and with her agreement, phones the Orphanage to discuss adopting.

The application is approved!

The newest Smith will be delivered at 10 am the following morning.

Jenny has a bubble bath.

As Jill & Merlin chat in the Kitchen.

PT discusses his plans for the new family member with Jenny.

It's gone midnight but PT doesn't want to disturb Jill who is sleeping in his bed so heads upstairs.

Jenny meanwhile is too excited and is determined to stay awake, here eating soup at 2am.

She decides to make use of the time by logic building with some chess practice.

PT is up and pours himself a drink to settle his nerves. It's 9:30am. Jill has left for School unaware of the new family member on the way.

PT heads out to meet the newest Smith, Michael.

PT greets Calista Fuchs as Michael settles in watching TV. Poor Jenny hasn't managed to stay awake and is asleep in her bed.


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