Tuesday, 28 February 2012

46 - Introducing The Beakers (and Nervous Subject)

Introducing the Beaker Household. Husband & Wife, Loki & Circe, and Lodger/ Guinea Pig, Nervous Subject.

1 Tesla Court, Strangetown, Sim Heights.

Top Floor, just a sun lounger and telescope.


1st Floor, Loki & Circe's Bedroom, some Bathrooms, Lounge Area and spare Bedroom.

Ground Floor, Kitchen, Lounge and Loki & Circe's 'Testing Area'.

Nervous Subject's Bedroom.

Nervous has had a nagging desire to meet new people and find a way to escape his glorified prison cell for some time. Taking his chance while Loki and Circe are out, Nervous phones for a taxi.

First stop, the Crypt O'Night Club. Where Nervous meets Wayne Muser.

Johnny Smith.

Lilith Tricou.

And Gavin Butler.

Before enjoying the tunes.

Nervous has enjoyed some human contact but doesn't feel he's satisfied the strange desire and moves on to Club Dante. Speaking with owner Malcolm Landgraab IV.

Before greeting Angela Broke.

Leo Gemini.

Jason Cleveland.

Jason Larson.

Tyne Evans.

And Francis Worthington III.

However it's Countess Lily Guevara who is of most interest to Nervous. Especially when she introduces him to Marsha Jones, the Atrociously Evil Witch.

Nervous & Marsha get on very well. She offers to teach Nervous the Magic Arts and offers him a book which explains his true heritage.

True to her word, Marsha casts the necessary spell.

The transformation is complete.

Nervous has spent several hours poring over the tome given by Marsha. The change is already evident. Nervous Subject has become... Grimm Specter, in homage to his parents.

Chloe Curious-Smith, Eliott Stargazer & Pollination Technician #9 Smith stop by to say hello, just as Loki has returned home from work.

Allowing Grimm time to mix the required reagents to carry out his plan.

Circe has returned home with a promotion however her day is about to get a little worse...

Grimm puts his plan into action, first picking a fight with Loki.

Before casting a spell to make Loki act like a chicken.

Then throwing a cup of water into his face to snap him out of it.

Grimm then decides to use Loki's own SimVac against him.

However things don't go quite so well when attempting to use the SimVac on Virgina Wade.

With Loki & Circe suitably distracted by the house-guests, Grimm uses the phone once again, this time phoning emergency services and a Taxi.

Grimm attempts to look innocent as Loki explains there is no emergency.

Loki & Circe have been fined for wasting police time.

Meanwhile Grimm takes his chance to escape.

Grimm gets in the taxi he called, ensuring he is in close proximity to the Police Officer at all times.


  1. Wow, that was eventful! I haven't played Strangetown in sooo long. And I never was too fond of Loki and Circe. It'll be interesting to see what you do with them!

  2. Thanks Chels! It's getting to the point now that I feel I am doing something wrong if you haven't commented on one of my posts!!

    I have few households left before round 1 is done and I can start messing with them and having a little fun but I actually like some of the Strangetown households, i just don't like being railroaded into playing certain households certain ways. 'Nervous Subject' the subject (no pun intended) of the Beaker's just wasn't interesting to me, but Grimm Reaper, son of the Grim Reaper is far more interesting.

    Expect more 'breaking the mould' posts to come :D

  3. I agree..I never wanted to play the EA storyline either. I like your ideas here!