Wednesday, 22 February 2012

45 - School's Out!

Sim Heights had something of an issue with a huge number of College-age Teens and an already overstretched population becoming more so.

To resolve the matter I took EVERY 'Core' Teenager (those who have meaningful Family Trees and/ or are part of the well known families), along with any other teens they knew, and took them through University en masse.

The only known exceptions were the Newsons, Gavin & Georgia, the Grunt teens, Ripp & Tank, and Alexander Goth, whom I will deal with as and when required.

The result was several days, oh so many days, of the same thing over and over, what I didn't want was a blanket result of "Magna Cum Laude" students going straight into high-paying jobs so I had to allow the houses to play out their time normally, albeit on double or sometimes triple speed depending on the situation. I nurtured romances but ultimately left them to graduate or fail on their own.

The townie students were then returned to the sim bin and systematically made back into townies again.

Ahh School days! We had...





More Rejection

Bad Dancing

Growing Up



And 9 New Households!

The Broke Household - Dustin Broke & Angela (Pleasant) Broke

The Cleveland Household - Justin Cleveland & Yvette (Muser) Cleveland


The Contrary Household - Rick Contrary & Tamara (Lam) Contrary

The Monty Household - Mercutio Monty & Hermia (Capp) Monty


The Monty Household - Romeo Monty & Juliette (Capp) Monty

The Muser Household - Wayne Muser & Tara (DeBateau) Muser

The Smith Household (Johnny Smith & Stella (Terrano) Smith

The Tricou Household - Kieron Tricou & Lilith (Pleasant) Tricou

The Worthington Household (Francis J. Worthington III & Allegra (Gorey) Worthington

All, with the exception of Francis & Alegra Worthington, who have moved to Bluewater Village to be closer to Francis' God-father Malcolm Landgraab IV, have moved to Downtown Sim Heights and will join the normal rotation.


  1. well done i hate doing college rounds trying to use the college adjuster or college clock but seems i can't download them so i let them dropout early. Really enjoying the megahood.

  2. Thanks Peachy. I wasn't easy but it's past now and I can concentrate on the regular households.

  3. This seems like a great solution, and I'm really tempted to try the "ultimately left them to graduate or fail on their own." ;)

  4. I was tough playing, i think it was 8 households, back to back without being able to interfere or tweak things! Especially as they all did essentially the same things in the same order. I was in stitches that Justin Cleveland proposed for the 3rd time despite getting knocked back twice, and miraculously, no one was killed in the fire.

  5. I love the highlight reel! It gets so tedious when you have so many people in college and really by the end of it, you just want to know who's getting married & who hates each other now. :)

  6. Thanks Megan!

    I am always welcoming of comments, more so when they're positive and more so again when from people who's own blogs I enjoy reading!

    It did become extremely tedious after the second household. in hindsight, I should have perhaps split the time up with regular houses but I have so many houses 'in progress' that I didn't want sims visiting others and ruining any surprises, especially that damn Johnny Smith who seems to visit any Downtown lot I happen to be on!!