Wednesday, 15 February 2012

44 - Introducing the Muser Household

Introducing the Muser Family. Eva Muser, and twin children Yvette & Wayne.

New residents of 180 Main Street.

Clockwise from top-left; Bedroom, open-plan Kitchen/ Dining Room/ Lounge. Unused Bathroom and Shower room.

We join the family just in time to see the kids accept their university places.

Having waved the kids off Eva returns to the house just in time to greet Dongsool Perry.

Then spends some time smelling the flowers.

The flower smelling is interrupted as Charlie Tang walks by.

It's not long before Eva and Charlie are chatting away. Here about Steven Clark...

Before a spot of 'Red Hands'.

A game of 'You Punch, I Punch' is under way as the first of the neighbours, Don Lothario, comes round to welcome Eva to the neighbourhood.

Followed by Mary Gavigan & Darren Dreamer.

Eva prepares lunch for the house-guests.

Darren and Don don't get on, evidenced here as Don stands directly in front of Darren.

In an attempt to prevent hostilities, Darren joins Eva at the table. Only to be closely followed by Don...

Don invites Eva to hang out, right beside Darren...

Don actually seems to be attempting a conversion, choosing a neutral topic of sports. As Eva seems rather smitten with Charlie.

Charlie appears just as smitten with Eva.

Don tucks into his lunch meat sandwich as Darren and Mary discuss the apparent thaw in relations between he and Don and Eva & Charlie seem oblivious to everyone else.

Darren scopes the room for suitable subject matter, Mary eats and Don yells at the oblivious Eva & Charlie who are now blocking his view of the TV!

Don turns his attentions to Mary.

As Eva and Charlie settle down to a movie.

As Darren and Don seem to genuinely be getting along.

Eva allows Charlie to spend the night and they enjoy each others company on the bed.

Charlie wants to take things slowly and heads to bed as Eva handles the goodbyes.

Eva, having said goodbye to the guests, follows shortly after.


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