Sunday, 12 February 2012

43 - Introducing The Steinbacher Household

Introducing the Steinbacher Household. From left; Axel, Sebastian, Danielle, Adam, Klaus & Abigail.

New owners of Devenish Park.

2nd Floor, 2 Spare Rooms, 2 Bathrooms & Axel & Danielle's Bedroom.

1st Floor, Adam & Klaus' Bedroom & En-Suite and Abigail's Bedroom & En-Suite.

Ground Floor, More spare rooms, Lounge, Kitchen/ Dining Room.

Earlier in the day, Abigail and Step-mum Danielle played cards as Klaus taught Sebastian to walk and Axel prepared for Poker Night.

Julien Cooke, Chester Gieke & Mortimer Goth arrive for the game.

Axel, Abigail and Adam have dinner.

Adam doesn't want to eat alone and is joined by Danielle as Abigail plays with step-brother Sebastian.

Poker Night is soon underway.

Abigail has made supper and Chester & Julien, who are both out of the game, trade jibes as they eat.

Klaus has won, Mortimer has gone home and Chester & Julien play for 3rd place.

Julien has beaten Chester into last place.


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