Thursday, 9 February 2012

41 - Introducing Steven Clark

Introducing Steven Clark.

New owner of 160 Main Street, Pleasantview.

Clockwise from top-left; Steven's Bedroom, Toilet, Spare Bedroom, Gym/ Study.

Open plan Lounge/ Dining Room/ Kitchen and Toilet.

Dina Bachelor, Eva Muser & Peter Ottomas have arrived to welcome Steven to the neighborhood.

Steven seems smitten by Dina Bachelor.

Things are going well outside and in as everyone seems to be getting along.

Dina tells Steven she likes fit men.

Steven is immediately working out. With less than perfect results but manages to gain some body points.

Peter watches Steven pee..

And shower...

Steven prepares food for his guests.

Which is well received.

Steven seems to having an effect on Dina.

After a long day, Steven hits the hay.


  1. Is it going to be a legacy? Nice start anyhow

  2. Thanks!

    In all honesty, I'm unlikely to make any of my households Legacy Households.

    I am still looking into challenges to incorporate but Legacy won't be one of them.