Tuesday, 7 February 2012

39 - Introducing The Kim Household

Introducing the Kim Household, Gabby (Dog), Cynthia, Robert, Cheech (Cat) and Justin.

Newest residents of Sim Heights, purchasing 'Nuclear Nest'  for $96'613.

Robert & Cynthia's Bedroom.

Clockwise from left; Kitchen/ Dining Room, Bathroom, Rec. Area, Lounge, Reading Room.

Robert & Cynthia decide Cynthia will make use of her love of animals, as an Animal Control Officer, while he stays home to look after Justin.

Cynthia starts immediately and heads off.

Robert plays with Gabby as Justin tries to teach Cheech to 'Shake'.

Don Lothario, Steven Clark & Tyne Evans drop by to welcome the Kims to the neighborhood.

Robert prepares food as the house-guests relax.

The guys tuck into some 'Red Meat'.

Cynthia is home, and runs a bath as Robert cleans up the kitchen.

With no-one to take him for a walk, Cheech is forced to pee in the Garden, narrowly avoiding the flowers.

Cynthia and Justin are in bed, Tyne has left. They guys relax in the hot-tub as midnight hits.


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