Tuesday, 10 January 2012

32 - Introducing the Irvine/ Glass Household

Introducing the Irvine/ Glass Household, Chris Irvine & Samantha Glass, newest residents of Sim Heights.

They have purchased the ramshackle hut comprising 10 Oak Street, Pleasantview, Sim Heights, for $7887.

Some landscaping and renovation later, the lot is now valued at $18'068.

Clockwise from Bottom Left; Bathroom, Kitchen, Lounge, Sam's Bedroom, Hallway, Chris' Bedroom.

Rather than get themselves settled into their new home, Chris & Sam decide to have a pillow fight.

Dongsool Perry delivers the newspaper as Chris and Sam continue their fight.

Dongsool and Sam harbour thoughts of one another.

Aware of the need to find work, Chris fetches the Newspaper. As Sam eats cookies.

Chris finds vacancies as a Pizza Delivery Dude.

And Food Judge in a Cooking Contest.

But the $50/ day salaries pale in comparison to $500/ day he could ern as a WWE Announcer.

Meanwhile Sam has much more simple needs.

And deals with them accordingly.

Chris takes out the garbage. As Sam stares at a blank TV.

A little later, Sam turns to the Rod Humble-delivered PC to find work as Chris relaxes on the Sofa.

Sam find vacancies as a Pizza Chick.

Food Judge.

Or as a Wallflower.

Things improve somewhat when she also finds a vacancy as a Football (American) Minor Leaguer.

However the chance to be a paid extra, a planted 'Adoring Fan', is too tempting to pass up.

Chris Garvey, Sarah Campbell, & Tim Stables arrive to welcome Chris and Sam to the Neighbourhood. Chris Takes time to greet them all personally.

Chris (Garvey), Sam and Tim chat on the Sofa as Chris (Irvine) and Sarah chat outside.

A little later Chris (Irvine) and Sarah chat on the Sofa as Sam eats chips and Chris (Garvey) and Tim hang out outside.

Chris (Garvey) and Tim continue to hang out and are joined by Sarah. As Chris (Irvine) watches Sam shower.

Chris (Garvey) and Tim continue hanging out, and Chris (Irvine) joins Sarah outside. As Sam eats chips.

Chris (Garvey) and Tim continue to hang out as Chris (Irvine) contemplates life, Sarah watches TV. And Sam fetches more chips.

Back from work, the guests gone, Chris and Sam watch some TV as Midnight hits.


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