Friday, 13 January 2012

35 - Introducing The Grunt Household

Introducing the Grunt Family, General Buzz Grunt, Tank Grunt. Ripp Grunt, Buck Grunt.

Owners of 50 Road To Nowhere, Strangetown, Sim Heights.

1st Floor, clockwise from Right; Home Gym, Bathroom, Tank's Bedroom, Buzz's Bedroom, Ripp's Bedroom, Second Bathroom.

Ground Floor, Clockwise from Top Left; Buzz's Bedroom, Toilet, Kitchen, Dining Room, Lounge.

Ripp & Tank try and get to grips with the Assault Course.

While Buzz plays Rock, Scissor, Paper with Buck.

Before cooking lunch for everyone.

Nervous Subject, Tara Kat & Vyn Shibata drop by to say hello and welcome the Grunt's to Sim Heights.

Buzz seems to be getting on wonderfully with Tara.

Buck meanwhile, has chosen to study Lifelong Happiness.

The Grunt Boy's best attempts to discuss sports with Nervous fall on deaf ears.

However Ripp's day is made when Ophelia Nigmos phones.

As evening falls Buzz decides to throw a party. Lazlo Curious, Loki Beaker, Olive Specter & Vidcund Curious accept the invitation.

Unfortunately, Loki & Vidcund refuse to co-exist.

A short while later, things have calmed down and Buzz has turned his attention to Olive as Loki and Tara dance in the background.

Buzz is wiped out by the events of the day as is soon fast asleep.

Nervous and Ripp are getting along better.

And Buzz & Olive are still dancing.

Lazlo is seemingly making himself right at home and has a bubble bath.

As is Nervous, who opts for a shower. Ripp, in the background, gets into bed as midnight hits.


  1. So many families! How do you keep up with them all?! Very interesting beginning to their stories. Are you just letting them do their own thing? Or is this all controlled? Just curious:) Love the new creative families. Looking forward to more!

  2. Great blog, sometimes refreshing to read one where the storyline doesnt get in the way. :) Just the facts ...thank you....

  3. Apologies for the delay in replying, for some reason it didn't tell me they were comments...

    @Chels] - I honestly don't! I have to re-read every once in a while to find out where everyone is. For the most part I allow them to do whatever they want to do unless it's something really ridiculous. I have been thinking about a little more about some gentle prodding.

    @SimWen - Thanks Wen! As above, I have been considering prodding them along a little but i want to keep things as factual as possible.