Wednesday, 11 January 2012

33 - Introducing The Curious Household

Introducing Lazlo, Pascal & Vidcund, the Curious Brothers.

Owners of 10 Hillside, Strangetown, Sim Heights.

L to R, bedrooms (the boys aren't particularly fussy whom sleeps where), Bathroom, Indoor Garden, Kitchen/ Dining Area/ Entertainment Area.

In a break from the norm, our first meeting of the Crious Brothers begins at midnight and will therefore, run until mid-day. In addition Pascal is already pregnant with what must be an alien baby!

Pascal takes the weight off.

As Lazlo & Vidcund discuss half-Sister Chloe Curious-Smith in the kitchen.

Lazlo gets a little more than he bargained for when he partakes in the Brothers' favourite past-time.

Feeling slightly left out, Vidcund walks off dejectedly.

Straight into 'Leader of the Pack', Baron.

A couple of hours later, Lazlo is returned.

The realization of what happened hits Lazlo.

But he shrugs it off and heads indoors.

Lazlo and Vidcund discuss the events of the evening.

Meanwhile Lazlo welcomes Anya into the world.

With Anya asleep, Lazlo relaxes, his thoughts drifting to half-sister jenny.

Pascal & Vidcund celebrate with Pizza.

Before Pascal heads off to work as normal.

Vidcund takes advantage of the quiet time to relax outside.

Before more Pizza.

Then off to bed as Noon hits.


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