Thursday, 24 February 2011

29 - Introducing Jennifer Peterson

Introducing Jessica Peterson. Jessica was married to Armand Debateau. When Armand declared he wanted to try for an heir the truth came out. Now Jessica lives in a trailer park...

Jessica's Home, Outside.

And In.

Jessica discusses her love of money with Amy McMillan.

Before heading off to her job as a Record Store Clerk.

Jessica returns home to be greeted by John Mole.

Don Lothario, Kurt Barlow & Lee-Anne McKiernan arrive to welcome Jessica to the neighbourhood. Kurt & Lee-Anne have fun on the swings as Don & Jessica hang out on the pavement.

Jessica is inside making food for her guests and it's not long before Don turns his attention to Lee-Anne.

Jessica serves Mac & Cheese to her guests.

John joins Jessica inside.

Jessica and Lee-Anne both take a seat.

Not a clue what went wrong here.

John and Lee-Anne are sitting on the couch as John thinks about, John...

Kurt gives Lee-Anne a gift. Perhaps someone should tell her he's a serial killer who 'drank' two sims? Nah... Why spoil it!

Don charms Jessica as Oliver Seavey plays on the swing.

Jessica 'walks in' the walk-in cupboard...

And Don shortly follows.

The guests wonder why there's strange noises coming from the closet.

It's gone midnight and Jessica goes to bed, without a second thought for her guests.


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