Tuesday, 22 February 2011

27 - Introducing The Newson Family

Meet The Newsons, Gavin and Ginger, Children Gabriella & Gallacher and Toddlers Georgia & Garrett. All adoptive siblings, left to fend for themselves after the death of their adoptive parents.

20 Woodland Drive, new home of the Newsons.

Floorplan: 1. Lounge, 2. Kitchen/ Dining Area, 3. Bathrooms, 4. Girls Room, 5. Boys Room, 6, Spare/ Utility Room

Gabriella, Gallacher & Ginger have gone to school, Gavin greets Dongsool Perry while he waits for the Nanny to arrive.

The Nanny finally arrives and Gavin heads to school, 2 hours late.

Nanny, Alison Thompson has things well under control.

Chris Garvey, Lee-Anne McKiernan & Nadim Shema have arrived to welcome the Newsons to the neighbourhood.

Although they have their inheritance, Gavin & Ginger are also aware they need a source of income. Ginger turns to the newspaper finding vacancies as a Paintball Attendant.

As a Trekkie.

Or as a Formula Tester. Ginger opts for the Paintball.

Gavin opts for Pot growing...

Nadim & Michelle Tse watch TV.

As Chris, Klaus & Lee-Anne chat in the Bedroom.

And Ginger bathes Garrett

The last house guest, Michelle Tse , leaves.

The household is all in bed, and Gavin makes himself some supper as midnight hits.


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