Tuesday, 15 February 2011

20 - Introducing Carlos Contender

Meet Carlos Contender, Uncle of Isabel Baldwin and Grand-Uncle to Sofia & Marcus.

Owner of 310 Bay View Drive.

Carlos likes to keep in shape and has a Gym on the First Floor of his house.

Ground Floor: Entrance Hallway, Bathroom, Bedroom with Walk-in Closet, Lounge & Kitchen.

Carlos has been invited Downtown by Vivian Cho, Carlos considers Vivian the Daughter he never had and helps out with her Daughter Etsu as often as he can.

Carlos plays a little Darts while he waits for Vivian.

Vivian & Timothy Riley have taken Carlos to Lucky Shack Cards And Drink.

Carlos meets Dana Scully.

Carlos's reputation as a good sim is growing.

Carlos, Dana, Timothy & Vivian settle down for a friendly game of cards.

Dana has contacts in the Boxing world and tells Carlos she will pull some strings to get him a wage increase.

Carlos and Dana are getting on wonderfully.

It's getting late and the group decide to head home.

Carlos has invited Dana over to a New Year Party and relaxes as he waits.

Meanwhile Vivian looks on Timothy stares at a black computer monitor (at no point did he switch the PC on).

Dana arrives and Carlos is soon turning on the charm.

The party is in full swing,

Mercutio Monty has not only random turned up but let himself in!

Mercutio makes himself comfortable with a can of juice from Carlos' refrigerator.

The group chat in the lounge as Mercutio plays Darts in the background.

Father Time has arrived to mark the official start of the New Year.

Father Time leads everyone in banging some pots...

Carlos asks Dana to move in.

And is delighted when she agrees.

Carlos' party has been a big success!

Carlos & Dana end the perfect day in the perfect way...



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