Tuesday, 8 February 2011

13 - Introducing The Stables/ Campbell Household

Meet +Tim Stables & +Sarah Campbell, the newest residents in Sim Heights.

They paid $11'500 for this 2 Bedroom Bungalow, 35 Woodland Drive.


Tim seems bizarrely impressed by the kitchen sink as Sarah christens the new Toilet.


With the house newly furnished, Tim & Sarah settle down to watch a movie. At 8:26am...


Tim heads out to collect the newspaper and shares a moment with Dongsool Perry.


Tim splashes in the puddle as Dongsool lets himself in and stares at Sarah through the wall...


Tim continues to splash as Sarah says hello to Noodle, a local stray cat.


Possible vacancies are: A job with WWE as an 'Adoring Fan', essentially a ring rat who performs 'favours' for wrestlers between matches.

As a Mail Carrier.

Or with the local wrestling promoter as a Rigger.

Tim decides to look for work too as Sarah strokes her noodle.

Tim finds a position as Co-Announcer for the local WWE developmental territory, the Sims Wrestling Alliance.

Sarah plays with the cat as Tim looks on.

Some neighbours, Chris Garvey, John Burb & Tanya Nagy-Melykuti, welcome Tim & Sarah to the neighbourhood and proceed to watch TV (with Noodle) as Sarah prepares lunch and Tim works on his announcing.

Chris & Noodle have man-to-man as Tanya and Sarah chat over Lunch Meat Sandwiches.

So far so good for Tim.

Sarah spots Phil Thompson walking by and goes out to introduce herself.

Sarah takes out the trash as Gretchen Chin passes by.

Dumping the trash on the lawn, Sarah instead opts to give Gretchen a hug.

Sarah works on her Charsima as Chris observes Noodle trying out his new toy.

As Tim clears the plates away.

Sarah gains a Charisma point.

As Tim chats to Tanya.

Sarah & Tanya and John & Gretchen chat as Chris plays with Noodle and Tim showers.

The Carpool arrives and Tim is first to join.

Followed by Sarah.

The guests leave.

Noodles discovers guard duty is hungry work.

Tim & Sarah return from work.

Sarah isn't pleased by the fact she has to climb the steps to the front door as Tim cleans out Noodle's bowl.

Sarah is understandably tired after a long evening at work and heads straight for bed.

Tim says hello to Noodle.

Before heading to bed himself.


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