Tuesday, 1 February 2011

06 - Introducing The Bachelor/ Caliente Household

Welcome to 170 Main Street, home to sisters Dina Bachelor & Nina Caliente. Here we see the roof deck. Hot-tub, Bar and Sun Loungers, complete with (waterproof) Hi-Fi.

First Floor, Nina's room (Blue) and Dina's, which she shared with her late husband, Michael Bachelor, the Bathroom and a small balcony.

Ground Floor, Kitchen/ Dining Room and large Lounge with Exercise machine and Urn (Michael Bachelor's).

As Nina heads outside to collect the paper she notices a small potted shrub which reminds her of Mary Gavigan, Nina HATES Mary Gavigan.

Nina opts for a job as a Masseuse.

As Dina pours some drinks.

Drink in hand, Nina enjoys some music.

Dina decides against drinking and watches TV instead.

Easily the most exciting thing to have happened in this household so far today.

And yet quickly rendered mundane.

The girls settle down for the night.

By far the most uneventful day in Sim Heights yet, no welcoming committee, no random walkbys, nothing. Things can only get better...


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