Wednesday, 26 January 2011

02 - Introducing - The Asland Household

Dominic & sister Sophitia recently arrived in Sim Heights looking to start new lives for themselves.

Using $41'000 of their $45'000 capital they purchased 5 Forest Way.

Top floor of the house, showing 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms.

1st Floor; Kitchen, Lounge, Dining Room and a Shower Room.

Ground floor, the Garage and Basement.

Using the last of their savings, Dominic converts the basement into a cut-price 'Rec Room' and already has a trickle of customers.

Brandi Broke, Chris Garvey & Tanya Nagy-Melykuti come round to welcome Dominic and Sophitia to the neighbourhood.

It's not long before all three are paying customers and Dominic turns his attention to Allyn Wade.

Sophitia, Brandi, Chris & Gerard Kosmokos play Poker as Tanya plays Darts and Dominic continues to woo Allyn.

Benjamin Baldwin, Conor Sims & Emily Olshfski socialise over a game of Darts as Sophitia gets to know Dagmar Ng & Heath Mendoza over the Poker table. The customers keep coming as Dominic focuses his attentions on Stella Roth.

Using the 'power of conversation' alone, and with only minutes to spare before the midnight deadline, Sophitia has charmed Oliver Seavey into falling in love with her AND even moving him in, bringing $21000 and his highly paid salary as a General in the Sim City Armed Forces.


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